Dr. Ricardo Blaug is Reader (Associate Professor) in Democracy and Political Theory at the University of Westminster’s Centre for the Study of Democracy in London, UK. A qualified psychiatric social worker and award-winning author and teacher, he has worked as an emergency psychiatric clinician, public sector manager and political philosopher in the UK, the US and the Netherlands.

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Ricardo studies political psychology and democracy. Recent work examines the psychological politics of institutional life and the interaction between organisational structures (hierarchies; markets; networks; democracy) and individual constructions of meaning (social cognition; ideology; reification; sense of self). By re-examining classic political concerns (corruption by power; democratic organisation; public engagement; ideological deception) with contemporary psychological tools, he tries to contribute to an emerging critical approach to questions of political psychology.

Both academic and practical, this research is conducted with a range of scholars, students and public and voluntary organisations. Ricardo teaches at the University of Westminster’s Department of Politics and International Relations, where he facilitates a range of student-led initiatives in both research and teaching. He has supervised fourteen completed PhDs and is on the advisory board for the Daedalus Trust which studies the pathologies of power.

Educated in the US and the UK with Gene Orro and Robert Paul Wolff, Ricardo has a BA in Psychology and a MA (PhD ABD) in Social, Political and Recent Continental Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. Not entirely safe, he also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work (CQSW) from Goldsmith’s College, London. His doctoral research in Political Theory was conducted with Garaint Parry and Maurizio Passerin D’Entrèves at Manchester University’s Department of Government. Before joining Westminster’s CSD, he was senior lecturer at the University of Leeds in the UK and a visiting scholar at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

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Email:  r.blaug@westminster.ac.uk

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