Device Designed to Wait

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The young Namibian girl could find no way to raise the money to hire a doctor for her ailing father and so had been weeping when she saw the Democracy Device protruding from the sand. The dull metal caught her eye and she brushed it off and thought quickly, her heart racing. She tried to sell it to a soldier, but he merely delayed her, laughing, so that by the time she returned home, her father was dead. She stared down at his body and then at the Device in her hand, resolving never, ever, to meet such an end herself. No one should suffer for want of simple medical assistance. And so she scraped an education and left for the city as soon as she could. The city was frightening and overwhelming and then sometimes strangely quiet. She rented a small cheap room, putting the Device in the back of a sticky cedar drawer, perhaps to be taken out at some bittersweet time when remembering, with slow tears before the fire, the warmth of her father.

The Device was designed to wait.

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